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Welcome to my page!

Hello and welcome to my Pokémon/Fakemon website! It's a big work in progress,
so please excuse the mess. Thanks for stopping by!

Now, this isn't going to be one of those fansites that just copies some game information or lists every sprite from Serebii or Bulbapedia, those sites do that for us already! I plan on making my own Fakedex as well as showcasing some of my fanart and whatnot. Eventually I would like to write my thoughts on the Pokémon universe and maybe even worldbuilding stuff and/or fanfiction! I won't even limit myself to ONLY Pokémon, I like many other things and there will probably be pages and/or fanart about Fossil Fighters, Spectrobes, various Playstation/Nintendo DS/Windows PC games, pixel art... AFTER the layout is mostly finished, of course ^_^'
I should say that while I am trying to work on things regularly, updates will likely be sporadic, at least for now. Please excuse me here v_v
HTML and CSS written in Notepad++ using W3Schools as a guide and many Pokémon fansites as inspiration. Images made with MSPaint, GIMP and FireAlpaca using a Wacom tablet on a Windows desktop. Friefox is my browser of choice and I am hosted on Neocities.org. See Amp-What for certain characters like é (e with acute) because it may show up differently in raw code!


Layout had to be rewritten, I THINK I've learned how to use grid items. Didn't mean to take so long but life stuff happens sometimes!

Added type classes for the Dex, a basic image gallery, and more layout details... I should be able to start adding pages soon. Yippee!

Hello again! I am chipping away at it. No new pages yet but the Fakedex below has been cleaned up, as well as little layout details.

Okay I think I'm getting the hang of this! Here's a basic layout with a splash page and a few assorted thingys. It's hard work but one day I think I'll have lots of things here for you to enjoy. :)

Site created on Neocities on Dec 26, 2022. Hello world!

Shinx Time

It's time for Shinx.

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